The Green Pond United Marching Band

Today August 6 is Independence Day here in Jamaica and Falmouth, the parish capital, hosted the Trelawny ceremony in Water Square.

On hand were several dignitaries, including Custos David Muschette, MP Patrick Atkinson, Mayor Garth Wilkinson, Deputy Mayor Colin Gager, the Superintendent of Police i/c Trelawny, the Fire Chief, among others.

To begin, here is a video of the march-past, led by the Green Pond United Marching Band from neighboring St James.

Here is a video of part of the performance by the Hatfield Dancers from the parish of Westmoreland.



Here is a lively melody from green Pond United Marching Band that ended the morning’s proceedings:

I will let the photos tell the rest of the story:

Parish Leaders (front row) from right, Paul Muschette (Custos of Trelawny), Garth Wilkinson, Mayor of Falmouth, Colin Gager, Deputy Mayor of Falmouth.
Other dignitaries including representatives of the police (in khaki), Fire Department (beside him) and N’Jerie Chambers, Miss Trelawny Festival Queen 2015.
Other persons on hand. Mr Mac is seated at left.
Representatives of the Retired Teachers and Principals Association of Trelawny are seen in the crowd. Can you spot your former teacher?
The Trelawny Retired Teachers and Principals Association
The Trelawny Retired Teachers and Principals Association stood up to be acknowledged
Blaggy asked me to take his picture enjoying his favourite bottle of Pepsi. All he wants to make him happy is a bottle of Pepsi.
Ernel ‘Bull’ Knuckle (in yellow), cakey (in white) and Sair (in dress). If you are a Falmouthian, you should know them.
Shame on you ‘Bull,’ in a Brazilian shirt on Jamaica’s Independence Day 🙂
Work goes on. The Falmouth Road Repair & Resurfacing project goes on during the ceremony
Workmen continue building Falmouth while we celebrate Independence.
philip service-independence-day-2015-falmouth-28
Master of Ceremonies, Councillor Philip Service

The Governor General’s message was read by the Custos of Trelawny, Paul Muschette. Northern Trelawny Member of Parliament and Attorney General, Patrick Atkinson, read the Prime Minister’s message, while Deputy Mayor Colin Gager, read the Opposition Leader’s message.

councillor Philip Service (left) greets Custos of Trelawny, Paul Muschette
Trelawny Combined Youth Choral
The Trelawny Combined Youth Chorale going on stage
Trelawny Combined Youth Chorale
Trelawny Combined Youth Chorale

Trelawny Festival Queen 2015, Njerie Chambers led the National song.

N'Jerie Chambers, Miss Trelawny Festival Queen 2015
N’Jerie Chambers, Miss Trelawny Festival Queen 2015
Beautiful Jamaica Independence outfit worn by this employee of the Trelawny Parish Council
Green Pond United Marching Band
Horn section of the Green Pond United Marching Band


  1. Thanks for the insight as to what happened in Falmouth on Independence Day 2015… Wish we in the villages knew of the celebrations before so we could be apart of it.

    • It happens every year at the same time, 10 am on Independence Day. Even a born and raised resident of Falmouth told me yesterday that she did not know about it. She came uptown for her grand daughter and saw it in progress.


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