Philip Service (PNP) retains Martha Brae Division by defeating Wesley Nelson (JLP)

Sitting Councillor Phillip ‘Servo’ Service has narrowly retained the Martha Brae Division by defeating his neighbour, Wesley Nelson. Final count shows that Service won by 57 votes.

Service has been called a poor performer and this tells in the numbers. He lost much ground compared to the 2012 elections when he beat Dave Larkin by 412 votes.

2012 Local Government Elections

Philip Service – PNP – 1190 – (60.47%)
Dave Lawkins – JLP – 768 – (39.02%)
Ras Black – IND – 10 – (0.51%)
Total Votes: 1968


Councillor Philip Service

The division covers communities such as Salt Marsh, Davis Pen, Hague, Stonebrook, Florence Hall and Daniel Town.

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