Peppers Jerk Center Refurbishing and Expanding for the Future

Falmouth is expanding at a rapid rate and local businesses that do not expand will be left behind. With the fast growth of the town will come new requirements and if these are not met, a business cannot take advantage of the increased opportunities.

Restaurant of Choice

Clint Rennie - Manager of Peppers Jerk
Clint Rennie of Pepper’s Jerk Center

Clint Rennie of Pepper’s Jerk Center at 20 Duke Street in Falmouth is aware of the many plans for the parish itself, which is promised to bring tens of thousands more to the parish each year. Pepper’s wants to be the restaurant of choice for Falmouth’s future.

Day-to-day Business not Affected

Pepper’s, the original Falmouth jerked center is currently being refurbished, although still operating. Work is being done mostly outside of work hours, especially on Sundays. This is to improve the standard of the Falmouth Jamaica restaurant. The expansion work does not affect the day to day running of the business.

Old Slave Property

Pepper’s Jerked Center is set in a former slave quarters. The old property has become rundown over the last few years, but uncertainty over the lease of the business meant that Pepper’s would be taking a gamble if they made improvements. They did not know if and when they would have to vacate the property.

Long Term Lease

Falmouth born Clint Rennie was pleased to announce that Pepper’s has finally landed a long term lease on the property from the owners. He went on to boast that the property at 20 Duke Street is the largest commercial business property in Falmouth town. The way has now been cleared for Pepper’s to invest and make improvements to the prime piece of real estate.

Clint Rennie Pepper's Jerk Center ManagerPepper’s Jerk Center Expansion

The expansion of Pepper’s Jerk Center includes:

  • Refurbishing of restaurant
  • Refurbishing of shops
  • Refurbishing of gazebos
  • Refurbishing existing and adding additional bathroom facilities
  • Resurfacing floor area
  • Addition of craft shops
  • Addition of an office
  • Electrical rewiring of shops
  • Roof repairs to restaurant and gazebos

Shops for Rent

There are currently 7 shops on the property. 5 will be available for rental, starting some time in May. Clint Rennie was quick to point out that preference will be given to tourism related tenants. He wants to make Pepper’s a one-stop hub where visitors are surrounded by businesses that cater to their needs.

Peppers Jerk Center Shops Refurbishing
Shops being refurbished on Pepper’s Jerk Center’s property.
Chukka Food Tour

Rennie says Pepper’s has to make improvements to its infrastructure. Chukka Adventure tours, the number one adventure tours in the Caribbean, is looking to add Pepper’s as the food stop on their Falmouth tour. The Falmouth Food Tour already stops at Peppers. Another tour company, Fun Tours has also expressed an interest in making Pepper’s their food stop.

Huge Potential

Rennie says both TPDCo and JTB see Pepper’s as having a huge potential for the future, but he is aware, that the old Pepper’s has to step up to an even higher standard.

Pepper’s Jerk Center

The restaurant serves jerked chicken, jerked pork, curried chicken, escoveiched chicken and more.

More Information

For more information, you may call Pepper’s Jerk Center at 1-876-617-3427 or visit their website at


  1. Glad to see Peppers on the up and up and looking forward to the expanded refurbished space! By the way, It’s the Falmouth Food Tour that stops at Peppers to offer its guests a sample of jerk, not the Falmouth Walk Tour.

  2. Great news for Peppers and Falmouth. I have observed Falmouth’s development with great interest. I am encouraged to see that some Falmouthians have been positioning themselves to benefit from the investments in our town and Parish. As one who has always been proud of my hometown, it gives me joy to see the excitement and “new” interest in Falmouth.
    I recall the days when other Jamaicans in the US would make mockery of my pride in Falmouth. Now everyone seems excited about the same “ghost town.”


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