Outameni Trelawny JamaicaOutameni Bought For $180 Million By NHT

Outameni, the entertainment/tour business in Trelawny, has been purchased for $180 million by an unlikely purchaser, the National Housing Trust (NHT). The business and property was formerly owned by Lennie Little-Whyte.


Outameni is located at Orange Grove, near Coopers Pen (4 miles out of Falmouth town center). Orange Grove is an old slavery days sugar plantation and there is a great house on the property that was used as a tour for cruise ship visitors to the Falmouth Port.


It has bben over a year since the property has been sold, but the news is now being officially released. NHT will be spending $111 million to upgrade the attraction over the next 3 years. In addition, National Housing Trust projects to spend $66.7 million in operating costs for the first year.


That means employment for persons in the parish.  In addition, the NHT plans to build some houses on the property.

Image by Visit Falmouth Jamaica

The Outameni Experience

The Outameni Experience is a walkthrough of Jamaican history through, dance, drama and motion pictures. This history is portrayed in villages which depict different stages in our history, starting from the Tainos down to Rastafarians. The name itself (Outameni) is a play on our motto: “Out of Many, One People.”

Good News For Falmouth

This is good news for Falmouth and in extension, Trelawny. This is an old business being revised and upgraded. This will provide renewed employment and a better attraction for the Falmouth area. Falmouth is lacking in entertainment for the hundreds of thousands of visitors that pass through our parish each year so the rejuvenation of Outameni is welcome news.

Source: The Gleaner


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