Open Letter to the JLP and PNP in North Trelawny

This is an open letter sent to the JLP and PNP candidates in North Trelawny. It is an invitation for them to utilize Falmouth News to inform the electorate as to their plans for the constituency. It has been sent to JLP Caretaker Dennis Meadows, PNP Caretaker JP White, as well as the PNP supporters who are against the candidacy of White. We think it would be better to have the plans, grouses, claims and counter claims of all parties made peacefully in writing.

The letter is published here for the sake of transparency, to prove that both parties have been offered the invitation:

To Whom It may Concern:

Falmouth News is aware that the current political situation, though a natural result of democracy, is untenable. We are therefore inviting you to utilize this medium as a means of mass communicating to your constituents.

Our media though small, knows how to get to the masses of people that value the most to you at the moment: the people of North Trelawny (at home and abroad).

Whatever message you need to get across to the people, we are here to help. We would like to see North Trelawny get the best representative, regardless of whether the banner is green or orange. We would also like the current standoff to be amicably resolved.

I would love meet and produce an article or articles about who you are, what you represent, the plans you have for North Trelawny and generally, how the constituency will benefit from having you as its Member of Parliament. We know the potential voters would love this and it will do well for you in your campaign.

Again, we offer our services freely to you, so there is no bias. No charge. It will also be offered to your opponent or should I say opponents, as is now the case.

Bear in mind, that if you do not utilize this service, please do not label this a PNP or JLP website if your opponent takes up the offer and you do not. This letter will also be posted on our website as proof that we have reached out to all parties.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Brian Elliott.
Falmouth News


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