Falmouth Road Repairs, Street-scaping and Landscaping

The upgrading and beautification of Falmouth continues and for those far and wide, Falmouth News has taken some photos over the month of November to show how the work is progressing.

Landscaping Photos taken on November 1, 2016

falmouth-landscapingfalmouth-landscaping-2falmouth-landscaping-clockfalmouth-landscaping-4falmouth-landscaping-fruit vendor

Road Repairs and Resurfacing Photos taken November 1 to November 10, 2016

falmouth-road-repairs-0falmouth-road-resurfacingfalmouth-road-repairs-2falmouth-road-resurfacing market duke streetfalmouth-road-resurfacing market duke street intersection

Road Resurfacing Photos taken November 10, 2016

falmouth-road-resurfacing market duke street intersection november 10 2016falmouth-road-resurfacing market duke street intersection november 10 2016-2falmouth-gutter- market duke street intersection november 10 2016-2falmouth-gutter-market-street-duke-street-intersection

Brick Laying Photos – Intersection Market and Duke Streets taken November 20, 2016



  1. What about the rest of the country. The little village roads are terrible. It’s time Jamaica start putting its people first invest in us not just places where tourist visit. Believe it or not the often want to see the conditions the real people live under so ignoring our needs is a disgrace to Jamaica’s leaders


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