No vendors will be allowed in Water Square for Falmouth Grand Market 2016

File photo: Christmas shopping in Water Square, Falmouth in 2010.

Grand Market or Christmas Eve is the busiest day of the year in Falmouth and most major towns in Jamaica. The hub of Trelawny’s Grand Market celebration is traditionally Water Square.

Water Square, the commercial and social center of the parish is normally filled with shoppers, vendors and others on the final shopping day for Christmas.

This year however, will be different. In an attempt to clean up the town of Falmouth, the new parish council administration has decided that vending will not be allowed in Water Square.

Starting Wednesday, December 21, vendors will be removed from Water Square. Two streets will be reserved for food vendors and one for fruit vendors.

Mayor Colin Gager has said that an area close to the transport center has been allocated for the expected, traditional increase in vendors.

In addition, the sanitary convenience that now closes at 10 pm will open all night. The Municipal Police will also work overtime to assist in maintaining order in the town.

It will be interesting to see how citizens will adjust to this new thrust.

You may watch the video below to see what Grand Market is like in Falmouth, Jamaica.




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