william knibb old students presentation of gears 2016 - team
William Knibb students

Several websites online are carrying the story that Usain Bolt has donated his $20 million earnings from the Olympics to his former school, William Knibb Memorial High.

Unfortunately, this is news satire. What does this mean? Satirical news sites are websites that create fake news. In other words, they create lies to make money. They trick persons into reading them by using sensational headlines coupled with a fabulous invented story. Like a skillful prosperity gospel preacher, they tell you what you want to hear.

What do they stand to gain? The more persons that come to their websites, the more likely they are to click on ads, subscribe or take whatever action the website owner wants.

Another genuine news website may not have done due diligence. Thinking that the news is true, they re-post it. They may just be fooled as you and I from time to time. In other words, not all websites that post fake news are totally fake.

The Usain Bolt Olympic earnings story is one such case.

I have seen persons complaining that this is not getting the attention it deserves. “People are only concerned with the after party pictures.” Yes, there is a reason it is not getting the attention: it is because it is fake, and those in the know are aware that it is fake.

How can you tell if a news story is fake? The problem is so rife, there are several sites set up specifically for spotting fake news. These include: Snopes.com, ThatsFake.com, StopFake.org or Realorsatire.com.

You can go to the aforementioned sites and check if the story is a lie. Don’t be fooled by these fake stories!


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