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Sakura Express – New Restaurant Opens In Falmouth

Falmouth, Jamaica now has a brand new restaurant on Market Street at the corner of George’s Street. This was the former location of Cedric’s Restaurant. It is called Sakura Express. “Sakura” is Japanese for “cherry blossom.”

The new cooked, fast food restaurant, is causing quite a stir. This is not only because of the taste, but because of the variety of meals, the presentation, prices and size of servings.

The Simple Changes That Are Punishing Other Local Restaurants

Unfortunately, Falmouth is known for small serving portions as well as a very narrow menu. Sakura is hailed for its variety as well as introducing several dishes that are new to Falmouth. Customers can choose different meats, vegetables, rice, pasta. They can mix and match to suit their appetite.


Inside the Sakura Express, Falmouth


Falmouth Tradition

The Falmouth tradition is that you order and someone prepares your order ‘around the back.’  Sakura lets you choose, and it is shared right in front of you. This simple change, is only now coming to our town. Guess what? The people love it. A simple change in tradition is causing a boom in business.

Long Lines

Long lines are now almost a constant in Sakura. It has shaken up the local restaurant scene and it seems obvious that existing business are already losing business. Just hearing the buzz and seeing the unprecedented demand speaks volumes.

Of course it can be argued that this is because it is new. However, I think there is now no turning back. The local eating industry will never be the same.

How Sakura Came to Falmouth

I spoke with a girl who said she went to Sakura’s branch in Montego Bay and told them that they need to come to Falmouth. They heeded her advice and told her they found a place in Falmouth. Within a few weeks after the spoke with them, they wasted no time, and Sakura is now satisfying appetites in Falmouth, Jamaica.

sakura express falmouth

Sakura Express located at the corner of George’s Street and Market Street


We Hope All Falmouth Restaurants Will Have Success

The development of our town, in all aspects of life, continues. Let’s hope that Sakura Express does not hit the other restaurants too hard. We do not want a big outsider destroying local businesess. On the other hand, we hope that this will be the catalyst to improve the standards of our local restaurants. The keywords here are choice, price, size and variety.


3 Responses to “New Restaurant Opens In Falmouth Called Sakura Express – The Simple Changes That Are Punishing Other Local Restaurants”

  1. Joy

    Meat, Vege, pasta? It doesnt sound like variety to me. This is the exactly the same as all other restaurants in Falmouth.

    • Brian Elliott

      Joy, you said: “This is the exactly the same as all other restaurants in Falmouth”
      I could not give all the details in the article, but It is just not the same. It is not only in Falmouth that they are causing problems for other restaurants. here is a comment from our Facebook page re: Sakura Express:

      “They have one in Fairview beside Fontana. Prices are good, but it giving my tenant stiff competition smh.”

      It is not only the prices, but variety, taste and choice as well.

  2. Chrischelle Green

    The writer obviously could not list all that is on the menu, but with over 15 different items to choose from everyday, it is definitely a variety compared to what we were been offered before by other locals restaurants. Also, the fact that you can mix meats for one low price its awesome.

    If Sakura had space for dining, then I would assure you that this would be the ultimate experience. This will force the other restaurants to step their game up, previously we had to be going to Montego Bay to get a decent meal or we just had to suck it up and take what we get.
    This is something that was needed and we love it and not only the fact we have variety, the quantity of food is huge and it is delicious you can’t get enough. Open 10am – 10pm and great option of lunch specials at a considerable cost.

    The only cons I see right now, is the long lines and with that crowd they need another AC to make the place cooler with all the persons bundled inside. We understand the space is small but we just have to make the best of it.