A newly opened Texaco gas station on the southern outskirts of the town has signalled Falmouth’s long awaited push southward.

Falmouth’s future plans are for its development along Market Street straight to Martha Brae, which is a mile and a half away. The Falmouth Market (still under construction) was the first attempt at starting the southerly movement. However, the market has been stalled due to shortcomings in its construction.

Falmouth Texaco gas station
Looking northward toward Falmouth town.

The new Gas Station brings the number in Falmouth town to three and is the first constructed here in decades.


It is owned by a member of the Falmouth Chinese community who currently owns one of the largest supermarkets in the town.

Market Street has replaced Duke Street as the main street of Falmouth and the town is bursting at the center. The town is growing rapidly and there is a need for commercial expansion outside the town center to alleviate the congestion that is developing around the Water Square area. Water Square, the current commercial center, has been pedestrianized so the roads around it have the take all the traffic.

With the expected opening of the market, it is expected that commercial development will shift more to this southern fringe of Falmouth. Next should be the use of the opposite side of the road which has been planned for commercial interests.


  1. Will the money be going back into the community? The problem with Jamaica is everyone comes in and build businesses but no one is putting the money back into the community. In so many of the African countries Westerners go in and rape the countries and leave the barren land for the citizens to scrape by on. I just hop the leaders of our beloved country will ensure this does not happen to us. We need to approach thes ventures with the little people who are often forgetten
    in the bigger scheme of things in mind. Jamaica keep your eyes open and your mind sharp advertise Jamaica buy Jamaica, remain Jamaica

    • That’s the very thing that came to me this morning. The Chinese policy of raping a country by slowly building up businesses and buying up the assets. That is what is happening to Falmouth and indeed the rest of Jamaica. The common response to the question of “who bought this building?” is: “a Chiney buy it.”

      That speaks volumes.


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