Muschett High School 2016 Men's Basketball Champions WBA
Photo via Western Basketball Association (Facebook)

Muschett High School located in Wakefield, Trelawny, won the Western Basketball Association (WBA) Tropical Blue Natural Spring Water Men’s Basketball Championships (MBC). They defeated Innercity Avalanche 2-0 in a best of 3 series in the middle of this month.

In the second game, Muschett Falcons came from behind to win, just as they did in the first game. Their narrow victory over the Montego Bay team (59-58) has earned them promotion into the elite men’s league (Elite Basketball League) for next season.

The Muschett teens were playing against grown men as there is no age limit in the WBA league.

Michael Schloss once again made the difference for Muschett with 20 points and 12 rebounds, Lamon Thompson scored 11 points and had eight rebounds, and Karlington Barrett scored 10 points.

Damion Smith had his best game of the series with 15 points and 15 rebounds for Avalanche, while Dovial Smith and Orlan Lamey each scored 11 points.

Muschett continues their basketball tradition under coach Johnson. Their most famous product is Samardo Samuels, who played for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA and went on to do well in Europe. This season, he will be playing in China, a move that will reportedly earn him more than he was getting in Cleveland for the season (which lasts only 4 months).



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