53-year-old Yuemei Pan, the Chinese woman who was caught on camera slapping a young student on December 7 last year, has publicly apologized to the child.

The December 2017 video has been widely circulated on social media (specifically Facebook) since the incident.

Jamaicans poured out their anger on the incident and were further enraged when it was announced that the case was dismissed because no one turned up to give evidence. This was when it was last called up on January 9, last week.

It is not known whether there was an out of court settlement.

However, today, famous Dancehall artiste Mr Vegas posted a video on Facebook in which he appeared to co-ordinate the apology. This took place in her supermarket in Clark’s Town, the same place where the initial incident occurred.

Mr Vegas’ involvement shows just how many persons have been touched by the incident. Mr Vegas, who has converted to Christianity, did the “Christian” thing and helped bring what is hoped is a peaceful conclusion to an ugly situation.

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