The Minister of Education, Ronald Thwaites, announced in parliament on Tuesday, that metal detectors will be installed in all 135 high and secondary schools island-wide.

Minister Thwaites said this was to deter students from being able to commit acts of assault and wounding with offensive weapons while on the school compound.

The hand-held metal detectors, called WANDS, are in response to a spike in violent student attacks island-wide. The preferred weapon now, is the scissor. This is obviously preferred because it is used in home management and art and craft classes. It is easy therefore to get them into school without much suspicion. The Minister revealed that he is going to make a recommendation for schools to develop a policy on the use of scissors in schools.

The detectors will be installed in time for the 2015-2016 school year.

This is good news as it should help reduce the incidence of offensive weapons such as scissors, knives and guns that are brought to school.


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