Construction at the top of Market Street back on May 20, 2016.

Falmouth’s Mayor, Garth Wilkinson, has taken to social media to apologize for the Falmouth street-scape project. The project currently involves building sidewalks on both sides of Market Street, but has been causing traffic and pedestrian discomfort.

Mayor Wilkinson:

Good day my Facebook community. The crew on Market Street in Falmouth is working through the night to ensure the street-scape project is done in a timely manner. I do apologize for the in-convenience and burden this operation has caused on our community. I can assure you that in the long we will all greatly benefit.
Thank you and have a blessed week.

In the middle of last month, Trelawny’s Custos called on the Mayor to shut down the project:


Trelawny Custos of Trelawny, businessman Paul Muschett, has called for the suspension of work on the construction of the multi-million dollar streetscape project now underway along Market Street in the north western town of Falmouth, until worrying safety issues are resolved.

“Mr Mayor [Councillor Garth Wilkinson] let me just say this, the construction should be shut down immediately until the man [contractors] have remedial work done. You can’t have a piece of rope dividing pedestrians from the construction. Come on man!” the custos said.

“If it was abroad that construction would have been shut down and people taken to court because it is a public safety hazard.”

The outspoken Muschett was speaking at a meeting last week with Mayor of Falmouth Councillor Garth Wilkinson and members of the business community who are up in arms over the displacement and inconvenience being experienced in sections of Falmouth since the start of the project.

President of the Trelawny Chamber of Commerce Delroy Christie questioned why the project was not halted when the contractors started to do both sides of the usually busy Market Street.

“The programme should have started from the west then the east side. So from the first day they start digging on both sides you shut down the work. So why didn’t that happen?” asked the Chamber boss.

But Mayor Wilkinson explained that for expediency, he insisted that the two sides be done simultaneously.

“ I wanted and I never relented… I was the one who wanted it done with speed,” the Falmouth mayor conceded, adding that the time frame for the project, which commenced in May, is roughly six months.

Wilkinson further illustrated that he took the lesson from the long delays encountered by the Falmouth Street leg of the project, in arriving at the decision.

“Falmouth Street became a nightmare. For months and months you couldn’t drive on Falmouth Street because we basically locked off Falmouth Street. Falmouth Street was a disaster for close to nine months. We never want the same to happen to us on Market Street and one of the insistences is that the contractors do the street at the fastest time possible,” Wilkinson told the gathering.

Source (publish date: August 18, 2016).

The project is a very laudable one. It was on the original plan for Falmouth as part of the development of the town as a cruise ship port. It will place sidewalks on both sides of the major roads, placing running water beneath the sidewalk. This will not only improve the town’s beauty, but also its ability to handle flood waters.






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