“River come dung” is the common Jamaican slang for what happened in Martha Brae between Wednesday night and Thursday.

The Martha Brae river overflowed its banks and destroyed or swept away almost 200 rafts. Most of the rafts were moored near the Martha Brae bridge, which is the end point of the famous rafting journey.

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This was as a result of the  cold front that has swept the island, resulting in huge amounts of rainfall to Trelawny parish.


From The STAR:

Samuel Zinckey, who has been rafting for 36 years, told THE WEEKEND STAR that only 17 of 200 rafts were spared. He said that it will take about $1.2 million to rebuild the rafts.

“We are asking the management to come to our assistance so we can start the rebuilding process,” Zinckey said.

Martha Brae Rafts destroyed
Photo via Facebook.

Florence Campbell said that the incident has come at a very bad time. “It is the beginning of the season and by the look of things we may be out for another two weeks. We now have to be cancelling all our bookings. This is not good for us and cruise ship passengers will be very disappointed,” she said. Source.

The rains have continued since Wednesday night  so there is no idea when the Trelawny attraction can return to “business as usual.”

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