contract killing in TrelawnyA man was shot and killed in Thompson Town, Southern Trelawny on Tuesday by an unknown assailant.

He was shot in the stomach by the gunman who attacked him at about 10:45 am while he was at a family home in Thompson Town.

The dead man has been identified as Donovan DaCosta of Thompson Town, Trelawny.

The Trelawny police are theorizing that his death was the result of a contract killing.

The Warsop police are investigating.

DaCosta was the 5th person killed in Trelawny since the start of the year. Ironically, the first 2 killings occurred in back to back days. The 4th and 5th killings were likewise.

Just yesterday, 31 year-old Damian McFarlane, aka “Blacks” was shot and killed in Jackson Town.

Last year, Trelawny recorded 21 murders. Already, less than 1.5 months into the year, the parish has attained almost 24% of last year’s total.



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