shot and killed

A man was shot and killed in the community of Salt Marsh in north western Trelawny last night. This less than 2 miles from Davis Pen, where a man was killed 2 weeks ago.

Unofficial reports are that gunshots were heard and a search found Lenroy Plummer was found dead in the driver’s seat of his van. Plummer operated a shop and the van was parked outside. The incident occurred close to the Salt Marsh “Cross Roads.”

It has not yet been a month since Trelawny was heralded as the second safest parish with 8 murders. Since then, this is the 4th recorded murder.


  1. Thanks for this Bryan, but I don’t know what to say now!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just spent the last 2 1/2 weeks in Ja with him.

  2. In February i was rob 1.2 mil ja dollars plus plus 800 us in Martha brae by kings restaurant . I left NCB with the cash so trelawny is not the safest place anymore.

    • Oh. Sorry for your loss, Vinny. ‘Safest’ is a relative word. These things unfortunately happen all over our country. However, if this happened in some other parish, chances are they would no be content with only taking your money. They may have taken your life as well.

      Sorry about that, but given the killings in our country at the moment, you have to give thanks they spared your life. That’s the harsh reality.

  3. What is happening is so untoward, we just have to bear each other’s burdens because these things are really taking a toll on peoples’ lives….. senseless killings


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