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Robert Peart O/C “Sonny,” was shot and killed in Allsides District, near Wait-a-Bit in southern Trelawny on Thursday. South Trelawny seems to now be rivalling the north in murder statistics.

Just a week ago, 23 year-old Shayan Bromfield was found in a river near the Manchester border, with his throat slashed. Two weeks before that, a man was found in Ulster Spring, also with his throat slashed.

Robert Peart’s death is the now common case of someone being at home and being called to come outside. This has figured prominently in several murders.

An official motive has not yet been established for the killing but what is clear is that the middle-aged man who is a business man, was relieved of his licensed fire arm.


A man was gunned down at the entrance of his home last night in Trelawny. Dead is Robert Peart O/C “Sonny”. He was shot once in the head, he died shortly after.

It is said that he received a call to come outside his house to speak with someone, as soon as he exited his gate, a man approached and shot him, then escaped in an unknown vehicle.

His wife, heard a loud bang, only to find her husband dead. The police were called and investigations are ongoing. The residents of Trelawny are shocked as it is a violence free area.


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