shot and killed

A man was shot and killed in Wakefield, Trelawny yesterday morning. The man was shot opposite the Wakefield police station after 9 am Sunday morning.

Unofficial reports are that men were heard quarrelling and then explosions were heard. It is reported that one man was shot by a legal firearm holder. A lone police came out of the station on hearing the explosions, and retrieved a firearm from the deceased.

A video circulating on Facebook (which is too graphic for us to show here) shows the man lying on the ground with gunshot wounds, moving his arms and head. There was a crowd standing around, talking, but no one went to assist him. Around his neck was what looks like a t-shirt said to be used to mask himself. Commenters say he was on his way to kill a man whom he had threatened. He went back home for his gun and came back ready with his home made ‘mask’, but was foiled by the firearm holder

Several small communities in Trelawny have replaced Falmouth as murder hot spots. Salt Marsh, Wakefield and Deeside have now become a headache for law enforcement over the past few months.


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