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A Falmouth man was shot dead on Newton Street in Falmouth last night. He is 30-year old Trevor Minto from Wakeland Drive.

Unofficial reports are that residents reported hearing gunshots and when the police arrived, his body was found on Newton Street at about 8:30 pm. He had a gunshot wound to the chest.

Minto was well known for his cocaine addiction and being of unsound mind as well. Residents of Falmouth complained regularly of him stealing their breadfruits and other produce from trees. He had just recovered from a huge chop to the back of his hand. His death therefore came as no surprise to citizens.

He was the son of the well known, late bass guitarist Walter Minto, who died in a car accident in St James in 2010.

A year ago, this video was captured of him cooking in Falmouth’s Water Square. Full story here.



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