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Man killed in Drive-by Shooting in Wakefield

A Wakefield man was shot and killed Sunday night and two others injured in what has been described as a drive-by shooting. The incident took place at the gate of the deceased in Bliss Pastures, Wakefield.

The dead man has been identified as Warren Hodges of Bliss Pastures.

From Loop Jamaica
Reports are that, at about 8:30 pm, Hodges was standing at his gate when occupants of a motor car that drove up, opened fire hitting him multiple times. Two other persons were also hit. The three were taken to hospital where Hodges was pronounced dead.

The conditions of the two wounded are not considered serious.

It was the second drive-by shooting in the community in recent times. Last month, occupants of a motor car opened fire on a group of men gathered a short distance from the police station.


It was only less than a week ago that Alrick ‘Ricky’ Kitchiner was killed in Clark’s Town during a dispute with a group of men.




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