John Poochie Mason

On my way home yesterday, there was a traffic jam on the Martha Brae to Falmouth main road. On enquiry, I heard that it was an accident involving a motor cycle and a motor vehicle.

I heard it was “Poochie,” a popular young butcher from Top Hill, who sells his meat in the Falmouth market. He was whisked away to Falmouth, but later died. He is the son of John “Johnny” Mason and Tian Ennis from Falmouth, who now lives in the US. Poochie’s name is also John Mason.

His grandmother was buried in Falmouth on June 18, just a few weeks ago. Almost the entire clan from the huge Scarlett family (his mother’s relatives) were here, many came in from the USA.

Reports are that his girlfriend is currently pregnant.


The motor cycle continues to rob the Falmouth area of its young men. Co-incidentally, just 2 days ago, another cyclist crashed his bike on the way to Falmouth and is now in hospital. Reports are that he will be okay.

Our condolences go out to the families of Poochie, especially the Scarlett, Dennis and Mason families.



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