lottery scam

According to director general of the Major Organized and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA), Colonel Desmond T Edwards, lottery scamming is on the increase in Trelawny.

“There has been a significant decrease of activities as it regards to lottery scamming in the parish of St James,” Colonel Edwards said. “However, there has been a rise in lotto scamming reports in other parishes such as: Hanover, St Elizabeth, Trelawny, and Westmoreland.”

Already, Westmoreland and Hanover have recorded huge jumps in murder figures that law enforcement officials attribute to the lottery scam. However, the parish of Trelawny is yet to see that leap in murders that inevitably come with such activities. St James has become the murder capital of Jamaica (per capita) on the back of this illegal activity.

From this examination, Edwards said that some aspects of the lottery- scamming business have changed, as previously there would just be a single person “such as a schoolboy here and there” who would get into the scamming business, but now the scammers are mote organised..

“There are scammers who have people who do their collections overseas (regional and international) to get around the remittance challenges”, he said, while highlighting that MOCA will be placing just as much effort in looking for scammer networks as well as individual perpetrators.

It is suspected that injecting that human element (overseas collection) is what has caused the spike in murders as money passes from hand to hand, deals go sour and people get greedy.

Let us hope that our parish does not go the way of St James, Westmoreland and the most recent addition, Hanover. Peaceful Hanover is peaceful no more.

Here in Trelawny, just 4 days ago, 23-year old Shayan Bromfield of Troy, was found floating in a South Trelawny River with his throat slashed. According to, it is suspected that it was as a result of the lottery scam.



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