Elain & Jody (PNP-JLP unity) 2016 General Elections file photo

Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie has announced that Jamaica’s local government elections will be held on November 28.

Minister McKenzie announced the date at a public meeting at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston. The occasion was a Jamaica Labour Party parish councilors and candidates meeting.

The Local Government Minister stated that the elections have been delayed for way too long and announced that nomination Day will be on Friday, November 11.

The local government elections election is long overdue, having been postponed under the previous People’s National Party (PNP) administration. Now almost 9 months in power in Central Government, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is looking to retain the parish councils. The opposition PNP swept the last parish council elections while in government.

McKenzie stated: “In some parishes we don’t have one Councillor, in some we have one. We want now to shift the balance of power. We want to put it in the hands of a caring party,” he said.


Number of prospective candidates:
JLP: 228
PNP: 228

Current balance of power:
PNP controls 13 parish councils and Portmore Municipal Council
JLP controls 0

Division count:
PNP: 152
JLP: 75
IND: 01

North Trelawny

Here in North Trelawny, JLP Caretaker Dennis Meadows presented his 5 candidates almost 3 weeks ago. They are Courtney ‘Colourman’ Fowler (Falmouth Division), Donovon White (Duncans Division), Dunstan Harper (Sherwood Content Division), Wesley Nelson (Martha Brae Division) and former Mayor Jonathan ‘Fred’ Bartley (Wakefield Division).

The PNP has not officially released their candidates, but it is expected to be sitting Mayor Garth Wilkinson (Falmouth Division), Wendel ‘Bull Bull’ Stewart (Duncans Division), Telka Holt (Sherwood Content Division), Philip Service (Martha Brae Division) and Christopher ‘Chris’ Jobson (Wakefield Division).


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