Flag to be raised over U.S. embassy in Cuba

For the first time in 54 years, the American flag will be raised over the US Embassy in Havana, Cuba. The honor of raising the flag will go to Secretary of State, John Kerry.

The two countries have been stark enemies ever since the communist revolution of Fidel castro seized power in 1959. An embargo has stifled the Cuban economy over the years, but brought out a resolve from the Cuban people that made leader Fidel Castro and Cuba an icon of defiance. In speaking on his 89th birthday yesterday, Castro said the Americans owe Cuba millions as a result of the embargo.

President Obama has moved to re-open embassies and ease the strained relationship between the two countries and this is the live video of the  flag raising ceremony.

Cuba is Jamaica’s closest neighbour, being only 90 miles away to the north.



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