Flow Headquarters HWT Road

The new Flow headquarters at 47 Half-Way-Tree Road, formerly LIME Carlton Exchange -Photo via Flow Jamaica

Just like that. All LIME tweets were removed overnight to signal the official rebranding of LIME Jamaica to Flow Jamaica.

On March 31, 2015, it was announced that the LIME/Flow merger was complete. The old LIME (Cable and Wireless) had merged with the new cable/broadband/home phone company. LIME is an acronym for Landline, Internet. Mobile and Entertainment.

LIME’s biggest product is mobile, which it now brings to Flow. The LIME brand in Jamaica has been tarnished because of its days as Cable and Wireless. Then the only cellphone company in Jamaica, the company charged high rates and terms the Jamaican population found prohibitive.

When Digicel came on the scene with lower rates, cheaper and better phones and deals, the Jamaican populace viewed Cable and Wireless as the bad guys, and started a love affair with Digicel that has not waned since it started business in Jamaica in 2001.

That love affair is equally matched by an “I don’t like Cable and Wireless” attitude. The change of name from Cable and Wireless to LIME did not help either. It seemed that nothing could make people forget the ‘evil’ Cable and Wireless, even after almost 15 years. Regardless of the fact that LIME now has better rates than Digicel still does not seem to have made much of an impact on subscriber levels.


Now, the change to FLOW is a golden opportunity for LIME to finally drop that Cable and Wireless history. It will be interesting to see how re-branding to Flow will affect subscriber levels. Flow has an uphill battle as Digicel currently enjoys a 70% market share resulting in over 2 million subscribers.

It all starts with branding and the beautiful blue Flow brand is a good start. People are loving the look. I hope in time, they will also love the service.

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