LaMarcus Aldridge is Building a House for His Shoes

It can be quite humorous to see what the rich do with their money. Professional athletes are among those who find unique ways to spend ‘too much money.’ NBA player LaMarcus Aldridge is approaching his 10th season in the NBA, armed with an $80 million contract with the Spurs. This is what he has chosen to do with some of his money.


From Time Money:

LaMarcus Aldridge has a lot of footwear.

After nine seasons with the Portland Trailblazers, Dallas native LaMarcus Aldridge is coming home to an $80 million contract with the Spurs—and a brand new house he commissioned.

The one problem?

His “massive” closet turned out to be too small to contain his collection of more than 150 pairs of shoes.

In a new video interview with Slam Magazine, the NBA player says his solution is to build a mini-house behind his regular house to act as “a little showroom” for his footwear.

Here’s the full interview, below.



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