contract killing

On Wednesday night, Salt Marsh businessman and construction worker, Lenroy Plummer, became the 12th murder victim in Trelawny parish this year. He was killed sitting in his vehicle. Now, the police are reporting that it is suspected to be a contract killing.

Trelawny, Jamaica –The Trelawny police theorise that Thursday evening’s [should be Wednesday evening’s] murder of a businessmanwho was shot dead here in his community, was a contract killing.

“It has all the writings of a hit. He was not robbed, the gunman just walked up and shot him before taking off,” a senior investigator near to the case told OBSERVER ONLINE.

The deceased has been identified as 57-year-old businessman Lenroy Plummer, also called Mupa, of Salt Marsh, Trelawny.

Reports are that around 8:30pm shortly after Plummer closed his business establishment in the community, Plummer accompanied his spouse home before going to the assistance of a motorist in the community, whose car battery went dead.

While waiting at the gate of his friend, who he was about to give a “jump start”, Plummer, who is also a construction worker was pounced upon by a lone gunman who shot him three times.

He died instantly.

The triggerman then made his escape in the community on foot.

– Horace Hines


Curated from The Jamaica Observer



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