celebrate release

Carey Park residents are breathing a sigh of relief after the woman kidnapped 4 days ago, has been found in Manchester. Unofficial reports are that she was rescued by a Rastafarian. Details of the rescue are not yet available.

The woman, Sharon Black, nee Bailey, of a Carey Park address, was taken to the Mandeville police. She is now back in Carey Park, where expectant family and friends are celebrating her return.

On Sunday night at around 7 pm, Sharon was showing the visitor around the villa, managed by her friend Juliet, when she was kidnapped. The kidnappers had set a $6 million ransom, but reduced it to $3.5 million due this coming Saturday.

Juliet must be very relieved, as she was being blamed by persons close to Sharon, as being responsible for Sharon’s demise. They were saying, had she not sent Sharon to show the men the villa, she would not have been kidnapped. The kidnappers actually picked up the wrong person, as from subsequent communication between the kidnappers, they revealed that it was Juliet that they really wanted.

We are happy that this story has ended on a happy note and join with the people of Carey Park in celebrating her safe return.


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