JP White’s tires slashedJP White’s tires were destroyed on Thursday at the opening of Burwood Beach. The PNP battle for North Trelawny continues in this TVJ News report…

Posted by Falmouth on Saturday, January 9, 2016

JP White’s Tires Slashed

It was supposed to be the official opening of Burwood Beach, but another news stole the spotlight. Two tires on a vehicle belonging to embattled PNP Caretaker for North Trelawny, John Paul “JP” White were slashed. This, while he attended the opening ceremony. White was left with the loss and fingers started pointing to his detractors.


There has been a steady and seemingly mounting opposition to the fact that JP White was chosen as North Trelawny PNP Caretaker. Initially, it appeared that the party supporters would do what they have always done, which is to rally around whomever was chosen, even if they disagreed with the choice.

This time, one faction seems adamant that they will not accept JP’s stewardship. It is to this group on which fingers are being pointed. However, they flatly deny any wrongdoing on their part. Supporters from that side say that JP’s supporters did it to turn public opinion against them. They say the motive is to derail their plans to keep up the pressure on him by peaceful means.

 JP White Tires Slashed

Whatever is the reason, it does not look good for neither the PNP nor North Trelawny. This division could get more physical as tensions are mounting and there are no indications that it will quickly be resolved.


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