Andrew Holness, JLP Leader (right)

Yesterday, the opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) held their caucus (meeting of parliamentarians) at their Belmont road Headquarters. As expected, and as we posted yesterday, the caucus focussed heavily on the leadership of Andrew Holness.

It turned out to be a marathon 6 hours meeting, and as Nationwide reported, it was more of a “cusscuss” than a caucus.

The meeting was marred by an incident before the caucus began, when fiery MP for South Western St Catherine, Everald Warmington was alleged to have assaulted a female Gleaner intern. Warmingon later apologized, stating that he was just coming from the doctor with a neck problem and was on some medication that made him aggressive. Warmington was wearing a neck brace when the incident occurred.

In the meeting, the Members of Parliament were reportedly concerned with the readiness of the party to face general elections as well as the ability to raise funds to finance an election campaign. Reports on Nationwide are that the police was called in some time during the meeting. JLP members attending the meeting however, described it as a ‘spirited’ discussion.

The issues were unresolved and the MP’s have agreed to have further discussions next week.

Now we see the predicament the Jamaican people face. We just published a report that Jamaica is one of 7 countries facing bankruptcy, and yet the alternative to the ruling PNP still cannot present themselves together as a credible alternative.

Here is the Nationwide News report:


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