After the second day of the JLP caucus, it is now official that Opposition Leader Andrew Holness will remain in his current position as leader of the Jamaica Labour Party.

This was confirmed at a JLP media conference now in progress. Holness has outlined a programme going forward called “project victory” and the programme has been accepted by the other JLP members of parliament who were present at the meeting.

Derrick Smith, Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives,  who chaired the five-hour meeting, attended by 20 of the 21 JLP MPs, said Tuesday’s meeting was cordial when compared to last Friday’s meeting, which he had described as spirited.

He admitted that some members of the Party had questioned the leadership of Mr Holness; but said that no vote was taken in Holness’ future. He says a vote was “not necessary” and “was not discussed”.

JLP Caucus
Media fielding questions to Babsy Grange and Ruddy Spencer after the JLP Caucus today – Photo via Hon. Andrew Holness

The party had a stormy 6 hour caucus on Friday where matters could not have been resolved. a Tuesday (today) date was set to conclude the proceedings. In the interim, the hardcore support for the JLP rallied behind the JLP Leader with the slogan: “No Holness, No Vote!” It was clear that the most outspoken sentiment was ‘no change.’

Additionally, MP and former Minister of Tourism, Ed Bartlett (who supported Audley Shaw against Holness in the previous leadership race) stated that it would be almost impossible for the JLP to win an election if there was a leadership change at this moment.

Well, the parliamentarians have taken heed to the warning. Let’s see if this is just a lull or they will truly stand united behind the leader.

JLP Post Caucus Unity
A show of unity after the JLP Caucus on Tuesday. From left: Gregory Mair, JC Hutchinson, Babsy Grange and Andrew Holness – Photo Via The Hon Andrew Holness


JLP supporters greeting leader Andrew Holness after the JLP Caucus
JLP supporters greeting leader Andrew Holness after the JLP Caucus – Photo via Hon Andrew Holness



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