Dennis Meadows - JLP North Trelawny Caretaker

Dennis Meadows – JLP North Trelawny Caretaker

JLP Caretaker Member of Parliament Dennis Meadows has announced the slate of candidates who will represent the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in the upcoming local government elections.

In a statement on Team Meadows Facebook page, Caretaker Meadows stated:

“I am pleased to introduce a dynamic team of leaders going into the pending local government elections. Here we have a mix of youth and experience supported by commitment, sincerety and passion for public service.

My team and I share a common desire to improve the lives and living condition of the people of Trelawny in their many communities.  The issue of garbage collection, poor community roads, and local water supply is at the top of our agenda.”

The date for the local government polls has not yet been set, but the timing of the announcement may indicate that it is close.

The council is held by the opposition PNP and is led by Mayor Garth Wilkinson, the Mayor of Falmouth. The JLP is seeking to retain the council that they held before the last local government polls.

The list begins with former Mayor Councillor Jonathan Bartley – Wakefield Div.
Jonathan Fred Bartlet - Wakefield Division

Councillor Donovan White – Duncans Division
Councillor Domain White - Duncans division

The other 3 candidates are newcomers. Firstly for the Falmouth Division, Courtney “Colourman” Fowler.


Dunstan Harper – Sherwood Content Division.
Dunstan Harper - JLP Sherwood Content Division

Finally, Wesley “Bob” Nelson of the Martha Brae Division.


Wakefield Division

In the Wakefield Division, perennial councillor Fred Bartlet will go against former JLP General Election candidate for Member of Parliament, Christopher “Chris” Jobson. Jobson has been doing some serious work in the division in am attempt to dethrone Bartley.

Duncans Division

Councillor White will be opposed by former Member of Parliament for Northern Trelawny, Wendel “Bull Bull” Stewart.

In winning the seat in the last elections, White was continuing the dynasty created by his late Father, Errol “Juppie” White. Bull Bull, who lives in Falmouth will need to work hard to depose White,who lives in the division.

Falmouth Division

In the Falmouth Division, Courtney “Colourman”Fowler will have the almost impossible task of beating sitting Mayor Garth Wilkinson. Falmouth division is a PNP die hard bedrock.

It is said by insiders in the PNP that even if PNP workers are the only ones who vote, Colourman still cannot beat Wilkinson.

However, the JLP is looking for a miracle in Falmouth, banking on the popularity and hard work of Colourman. They say Garth is very unpopular among PNP voters. The PNP will say, this is mission impossible.

Sherwood Content

Dunstan Harper is looking to take Sherwood Content from struggling PNP Councillor Telka Holt.

Martha Brae Division

Wesley “Bob” Nelson will have his hands full against his neighbour,  sitting PNP councillor Phillip Service. Both live close-by each other in Hague. Service himself has been waning because his performance has not been up to the expectations of voters in the Martha Brae Division.

However, Service has the backing of a division that has consistently voted PNP. It will be difficult for a newcomer to overcome the voting trend of the division.

North Trelawny

With North Trelawny currently 3-2 in favour of the PNP,  the JLP will be looking to this team to tip the balance in favour of the JLP. With South Trelawny being retained by the party in the last General Elections in February, the JLP is hoping a slight tip in the balance of power in North Trelawny will be enough to retain the council for the party.

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