Jamaica Netball team
Photo via Daily Veritas

After demolishing Samoa 90-44 in their first game in the Netball World Cup 2015 in Sydney Australia, the Jamaicans face their acid test against rivals England. Both teams are perennial semi-finalists and England has become Jamaica’s stumbling block over the years. Both teams are in the ‘big four,’ which also comprises champions Australia as well as New Zealand.

This year, the Jamaicans think they have the team to go all the way. The high scoring game against Samoa could have been mistaken or a one-sided basketball game. Jamaica had 90/105, or a 86% shooting efficiency rate against the Samoans.

England also made a successful start,defeating neighbors Scotland, 60-19. All eyes will be on the England vs Jamaica encounter which begins at 2:20am EST Saturday morning (Jamaica time).


Day 1 Results

Fiji 52-59 Wales
Jamaica 90-44 Samoa
Singapore 56-43 Sri Lanka
Malawi 58-51 South Africa
Uganda 73-38 Zambia
England 60-19 Scotland
New Zealand 73-28 Barbados
Australia 73-32 Trinidad & Tobago


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