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Jamaica Culinary Tours Falmouth Food Tour Featured on The Daily Meal Website

The Falmouth Food Tour, presented by Jamaica Culinary Tours, has been featured on The Daily Meal website.

One may ask, why is this important? Big deal, right?

It seems insignificant until we get to understand what The Daily Meal is.

About The Daily Meal

First, they will tell us what they are about:

The Daily Meal produces more culinary content than any other resource. Our passionate team canvasses the world to bring you the best food and drink experiences at all levels, around the table, at home or on the road.

But let us see how powerful a reach the website has. According to Wikipedia:

The website draws over 8 million unique visitors per month, according to Google Analytics, and ranks as one of the fastest-growing content sites of all time.

Major Recognition for Falmouth

Now we can see why this is such an important feature. Falmouth and its celebrated food tour will be seen by millions over the next few months.

This is another boost to the local attractions. The town of Falmouth has largely been ignored. Attractions outside the town are highly promoted, leaving the town itself with relatively few cruise ship visitors.

This exposure. it is hoped, will let potential visitors want to go on a Falmouth Food tour. More business for Falmouth Culinary Tours and other local businesses like Pepper’s Jerk Center.

What is the Falmouth Food Tour?

Jamaica Culinary Tours was established in November 2013 with the launch of the Falmouth Food Tour. It was the first such culinary walk in Jamaica.

falmouth heritage walk

The Falmouth Food Tour is a walk through the town of Falmouth. It provides a sampling of the local cuisine along with the history of the Gerogian era town.

From Jamaica Culinary Tours:

Our Falmouth Food Tour is run in collaboration with Falmouth Heritage Walks and offers up a delicious blend of Jamaican food and history. In a two and a half hour guided walking tour of the historic town of Falmouth, sample nuggets of the local cuisine which has been seasoned, marinated and steeped in centuries of history.

About Pepper’s Jerk Center

The lone featured photo in the article was that of Pepper’s Jerk Center. This is a popular stop on the Jamaica Food Tour. The restaurant was recently featured on Falmouth News.

Great Exposure

This feature is significant. It highlights a Falmouth attraction that allows visitors to walk the town and interact with locals. The Falmouth Food Tour allows visitors to get a real ‘taste’ of Falmouth, Jamaica hospitality. This is a treat that most other Falmouth cruise tours cannot offer.


See the full article on The Daily Meal.

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