On November 12-15, 2015, for the very first time, the town of Falmouth, Jamaica will be hosting an international film festival. The Iphias International Film Festival will be held at the newly completed Glistening Waters Resort in Rock, Falmouth, Trelawny.

About IPHIAS International Film Festival

IPHIAS International Film Festival (IIFF) is committed to showcasing films that will change lives and empower audiences. Though diverse in content and presentation, IPHIAS selections are unified by themes that promote positive values, celebrate family, and further important social interests. IPHIAS will be that platform for promising filmmakers who have not yet exploded onto the international scene and will screen a blend of national and international features, documentaries, music videos, and shorts.

The 1st Annual IPHIAS International Film Festival (IIFF) presents an opportunity for groundbreaking and dynamic independent films to be recognized by some of Hollywood’s hottest stars, producers, distributors, critics, and media, meaning prime exposure opportunities for selected films and screenplays.


Why Falmouth Jamaica?

St Lucia was originally chosen for the festival, but after shooting a music video with Benjie Myers here in Jamaica, the creator of the project decided on Kingston. He stated why Falmouth was chosen:

“After researching for several days, I found that the city of Falmouth would be great to partner with for the festival. Falmouth is rich in history and has undergone a tremendous amount of change, the same type of change that I was hoping to achieve with the festival. After meeting with the Mayor of Falmouth and presenting him with the plans for the film festival along with highlighting our plans for community participation all year round he was onboard.”

Paul Campbell

How Falmouth Benefits

Iphias – will impact Falmouth by bringing an international group of creative minds each year to the town, to not only partake in the festival, but also to enjoy all that the city of Falmouth has to offer. As a result, Iphas will be creating job opportunities and opportunities for local businesses as well.

Iphas has long term plans for Falmouth as the focal point for a change taking place in the creative sector, not only just for Jamaica but the region. As Iphias grows more and more people will visit the signature event in Falmouth each year.

glistening waters falmouth jamaica
Glistening Waters Resort is the home of the entire event as well as the Presenting Sponsor 


Speakers at the festival will include:

  1. Linda Aïnouche, Ph.D, is an accomplished Documentary Filmmaker and Anthropologist Researcher
  2. Franklyn St.Juste has been engaged in the production of motion pictures for over 40 years in all areas of production activity, which includes scripting, directing, photography, editing and sound. He has worked as Director of Photography on the films “THE HARDER THEY COME.”
  3. Rockmond Dunbar, actor.
  4. Paul Campbell, Jamaican actor. He is considered Jamaica’s most popular actor and had leading roles in films such as First Sunday, Home Again, The Heart of Summer, Dancehall Queen, The Lunatic, Third World Cop (Capone), Shottas (Madmax) and Out the Gate. In addition to his roles in most modern Jamaican films.
  5. Raymond Rolak
  6. Ariel Tagar is a photographer and a musician. Tagar studied photography at the University of the Arts London and worked as photojournalist.


The festival will kick of on November 12 with an opening film screening, followed by an Industry Welcome Party.

Rockmond Dunbar, actor
Rockmond Dunbar, actor (special guest)


• The Iphias International Film Festival opens on Thursday Night November 12th with the Official welcoming after which the Opening Film will be presented to be followed by the Industry After Party featuring Radio Jocks, Sound System Selectors & Invited Celebrity Guest Djs
• Venue: Glistening Waters Resort
• On Friday Night 13th, “Iphias Nights” presents Jazz & Gospel Night featuring Jamaican Gospel & Jazz performers fusing their music & appearing alongside the Jamaican Jazz Masters featuring Benjy Myaz (an All Star line up) in their debut performance during which a selected set of vocalists & instrumentalists will pay tribute to Award Winning Jamaican born, American Composer, Musician, Arranger, Producer – Thomas Randolph “Thom” Bell
• Venue: Glistening Waters Resort
• Musically Trelawny “Iphias Nights” continues on Saturday Night 14th with International & World Beat performances from some very talented, extremely musical & outstanding acts to include Jamaican acts who have maintained the integrity of their music & continues to hold their own in a complex & competitive Global Music Industry
• Venue: Glistening Waters Resort
• On Sunday Night 15th Iphias International Film Festival presents the Closing Film & Awards Presentation to be followed by the After Party
• Venue: Glistening Waters Resort

Cost and Booking

Day passes for the festival range from US$10 to US$17, or J$1200 to J$2000. All Access VIP Event Pass costs $85 (J$10000) and provides access to all festival events. You may book online at iPhias.com or click on the image below to register.



The IPHIAS International Film Festival has several sponsors, including: Glistening Waters JAMPRO, TVJ, Jamaica Film Festival, Hitz 92 FM, FAME FM, RJR 94 FM, GRB Media Group, Film Freeway, and Click for Festivals.


Here are the names behind the Iphias International Film Festival production:

Producers – My Werks Music/ Productions & Cine Enigma
Promoters – Benjy Myaz, Joe Restaino, Winston Henry, Wey Lin, Paul Campbell and Mark Parris


Source: iphias.com



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