Falmouth Police Station

A video that has gone viral on Facebook has sparked outrage and is getting national attention. The video shows 7 boys gang raping a young teenage girl. The girl is known locally as one who is mentally retarded. the stark disregard that these guys have for the girl is evident in the video.

Now the video has caught the attention of the lawmakers. Opposition Senator Kamina Johnson Smith has called for the police to quickly apprehend and bring to justice men who were video-taped sexually assaulting a girl. Johnson Smith says she is outraged at the assault and says there may be many other similar incidents which go unreported. She is criticizing Youth Mininster Lisa Hanna for her lack of response on the matter.

Today, Nationwide 90 FM News carried this interview with Superintendent Wilfred Campbell, giving an update on the progress of the investigation into the incident.

The superintendent says 3 young men are in custody, but parents appear to be shielding the others. The ringleader is aleady in the court for a similar offence, but has not yet been apprehended. Click below to Listen the interview:



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