Jamaica Weather Aug 9 2015
Jamaica Weather – August 9, 2015

It rained today! In the midst of one of the harshest droughts in recent time, we finally got a break here in Falmouth. As a matter of fact, almost the entire north central to north west Jamaica experienced rain to some degree.

Here in Trelawny, Most of the rainfall was moderate, but we had some heavy showers in the north eastern, east central and south western corner of the parish. Rain covered almost the entire parish, except the extreme south Eastern border with the 3 parishes of St Ann, Clarendon and Manchester.

The rain has been toying with us almost daily, giving every indication that it would fall, but didn’t, until today.

No such luck for the most of southern section of the island, which is hardest hit, although northern St Andrew did get some light to moderate rain.

Now, let’s hope that the showers continue to help us out of this terrible nationwide drought.


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