Holland High School students – 2012 file photo

For those parents whose children have passed for Holland High School, rest assured your child is in a good institution. Holland High School, located in Zion, Martha Brae, has continued their brilliant pass rate in the CSEC and CAPE exams.

Last year, the 12-year old school attained 100% success rate in 10 subjects. This year, they made an improvement from 10 to 14 subjects. In addition, they attained 80% or more in 10 other CSEC and CAPE subjects. Last year, that figure was 7, an improvement of 3 subjects.

Today, the Board and Administrators of Holland High published a congratulatory ad in the Jamaica Gleaner, commending the teachers for their achievements.

Holland High School CSEC and CAPE passes 2016

In addition, 3 teachers were congratulated for their ascendancy to “Master Teacher.”

Master Teachers are content area experts who were interviewed and assessed in their working environment. This assessment includes: student outcomes, interaction with colleagues, leadership, programmes led, as well as their documentation.

Holland’s 3 Master Teachers are:

1) Dageanna Spencer-Hull
2) Roxanne Blagrove
3) Dennesha Frazer

Congratulations to the Board, Principal, staff, students and parents of Holland High School.



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