Falmouth Hopital damage

Photo Credit: Mark Cummings.

Yesterday’s attack on the Falmouth Hospital has been condemned by Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton.

The attack came as a result of a stone and bottle throwing incident by alleged associates of Dwayne “Dodi” Falconer. Falconer died yesterday morning from injuries received in a motor vehicle accident along the Martha Brae main road.

The crowd that had gathered at the hospital though that the perceived slow speed of treatment contributed to his death.

From The Jamaica Observer:

FALMOUTH, Trelawny — Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton has condemned yesterday’s attack on Falmouth Public General Hospital, and has called for a speedy investigation into the matter.

“It’s a very unfortunate incident, and I have asked the Western Regional Health Authority to investigate and provide me with a full report on the matter,” Dr Tufton told the Jamaica Observer last night, adding that he expects to receive it “within the next couple of days”.

A section of the hospital’s Accident and Emergency department was damaged reportedly by friends of the victim of a motor vehicle crash. The glass door and several glass windows at the department were shattered when members of the group, upon hearing that the motorist had died, hurled stones and bottles on the building, causing staff to run for cover.

Three members of staff at the hospital were injured in the attack.

A security guard, who was on duty in the vicinity of the department, told the Observer that he fled for his life during the attack.

“It was terrible!” he exclaimed.

“Some of the persons who came to the hospital to see the man (crash victim) wanted to go inside to see him, and when they were prevented from doing so, they started to throw bottles and stones on the building, damaging the glass windows and door. I had to tek weh mi self,” he continued.

The motor vehicle accident reportedly occurred shortly before 5:00 am on the Martha Brae main road. Four others sustained multiple injuries in the crash and are reportedly in critical condition, according to the police.

The victim reportedly died while undergoing treatment at the Accident and Emergency department. The irate friends argued that his death could have been prevented if treatment was administered promptly.


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