Bruce Walters Hague receives certificate for annual Hague Christmas treat
Bruce Walters receives a Certificate of Appreciation for his work towards the annual Christmas Treat in Hague, Trelawny,  from Mrs Joan Findlator in 2013 – Photo via Facebook

Head Chopped off

A big crowd is now gathered in Hague, Trelawny, where the body of popular taxi driver Bruce Walters was found with his head totally severed. Details are sketchy, but fingers of residents are pointing to an allegedly insane young man from the community.

The young man is of unsound mind and is frequently seen walking his dog, machete in hand. Reports are that the young man has gone into the bushes  surrounding the community with the dead man’s head.

The alleged killer was Bruce’s neighbor. Their houses were the only two in the area in that area of the community.

Unofficial reports are that citizens heard Bruce calling for help and they ran to the house where they say the man attacking Bruce. They threw stones at him, hoping to dissuade him, but he would not relent until he decapitated him. He casually walked away with Bruce’s head.

Bruce Walters

An unofficial community leader, Bruce Walters is very popular in the community. Hailing from Falmouth, he drives his taxi on the Hague to Falmouth Route. He also has a charter service to take children to and from Hague Primary school. He lived in the housing scheme for many years before moving to the settlement. This is the area where persons displaced by the highway construction from the Salt Marsh area were relocated.

He is best known as the pioneer and energy behind the annual Hague Christmas treat.

Police trying to locate Rayon

The Falmouth Police are asking for help from citizens in locating the neighbor known as Rayon, who they believe can assist them in their investigation.



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