Amarica Titus
Amarica Titus – Photo via The Gleaner

Even though we have come to the end of Heroes Week, we still have another hero/heroine to highlight. Yesterday, we featured Dr Amable Thaureauk Bataille.  Today we feature Hanover born Amarica Titus.

This young woman is well known throughout Trelawny. She has helped hundreds of needy persons in several different ways. Through voluntarism, she has gained a reputation and the trust of aid agencies as an advocate for the poor. This is her story:


Western Bureau:

While not a native of Trelawny, because of her passion to serve and what she has achieved through volunteerism, Amarica Titus is a household name in the western parish, which is the birthplace of the likes of track superstar, Usain Bolt.

The 28-year-old mother of one feels a personal connection to persons in need, largely as a result of her own humble upbringing in the parish of Hanover.

After hearing the sad story that a Food for the Poor Jamaica (FFPJ) house, which was earmarked for a man who had been living in a cave for several years, was given to a person who already had a home, Titus was so moved that she decided she wanted to become an advocate for the poor.

Despite having a fledgling business – Titus and Associates Investigations – to operate; and a young daughter, Briana, to care for, the woman of compassion, started her mission to serve the people of Trelawny by providing voluntary assistance to organisations like FFPJ.

“She was instrumental in the establishment of our community animal husbandry in Bounty Hall, Trelawny, which is funded by Food For The Poor,” said Rebecca Brown, one of many residents, who have benefited from the project. “You are talking about a $2.5 million project, which is managed by the community, but spearheaded by the Bounty Hall New Testament Church of God.”

Titus has also been the driving force behind another FFPJ project a poultry programme which is in operation in the Wakefield/Bounty Hall area of the parish. This has proven to be a blessing for former sugar workers displaced by the change of focus at the Hampden Sugar Factory.

“Again, with support from FFPJ, she Initiated the poultry programme, where 25 individuals received 100 chickens, 20 bags of feed and medicine to start their own poultry businesses,” said Brown. “Twelve of the beneficiaries also got material to build new coops.”

Another area in which Titus has made an indelible mark is in assisting persons impacted by disasters such as a recent fire in the Wakefield area which left a family of 10 homeless. She is also quick with her camera, snapping photographs to send off to organisations such as FFPJ with an aim to connect the agency with persons in need.

“We are here singing her praise today. Within two weeks of losing our house, we got three new houses from Food for the Poor, thanks to the assistance we got from Mrs Titus,” said Raphael Hibbert, one of the victims of the Wakefield fire. “We shall be eternally grateful to her for coming to our assistance in our darkest hour.”

As a result of the impact she has been having on the ground in Trelawny, Titus is not only seen as a hero but also as a conduit to organisations seeking to provide assistance to the needy.

She works closely with several individuals and organisations such as National Supply Limited, Computer Depot and the Montego Bay-based My Choice, to drive a feeding and food supply programme for needy persons in Trelawny

Titus also provides help to many youngsters, who benefit from her back- to-school project, which has seen 350 students receiving supplies sourced through Digicel and the Hussey family, operators of the Long Pond Sugar Estate, in Trelawny.


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