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The community of Hampden is located in the south-west of Trelawny, right on the border with St. James. The are is more famous for its sugar factory, The Hampden Sugar Factory, which produces, sugar, rum and molasses for the local and international market.

The little ones from the community have once again done themselves proud, as Hampden Primary and Infant School have repeated as winners of the Trelawny Caribbean Library Quiz Competition.

Like they did last, Hampden Primary and Infant School emerged as a shining example of excellence in the 2015 Trelawny Caribbean Library Quiz Competition when they once again copped the coveted title.

Led by captain Brianna Foster, the Hampden team, which also featured Jade Henry, Patrice Brown, Shamoya Black, and Delon Smith, proved too strong for the other competing schools in the annual competition, comfortably duplicating their 2014 effort.

In her overview of the team’s performance, the team’s coach, teacher Nordia Pinnock, noted that significant pressure was put on the Hampden team by the other participating schools, which were hell-bent on dethroning them.

“I could feel the pressure coming on because we won it last year. They (other schools) were looking out for us, to beat us. For every one of the matches, they were trying so hard to beat us,” said Pinnock.

“But the Hampden students worked very hard, and they were competitive. That is one of the attributes that caused us to win the competition two years straight,” Pinnock added proudly.

Hampden Primary School first entered the Trelawny Caribbean Library Quiz Competition in 2013, but they did not get very far on their first outing. However, with the experience gained, they have not only got better, but they have emerged as the best team in the competition since then.

“It has been three years now since we entered the competition,” recalled Pinnock. “The first time, we dropped out because we did not have buzzer (for the competition’s buzzers section). The second time, we were fortunate to get buzzers to borrow from the Hampden Church of God of Prophecy, and with the buzzers, we practised and did excellently to become champions. For this year, we got buzzers for ourselves, and so we went and defended our title and won it again.”

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