Falmouth Market Ground breaking Ceremony – Jamaica Observer Image

Well, it’s about time. We have been waiting on this market from around 2010, ever since we heard that it would be relocated. We waited and waited until we gave up. Just when we wrote off the idea of ever getting the new market, it was revealed that they would be breaking ground for the new location.

FALMOUTH, Trelawny — Member of Parliament for Trelawny North Patrick Atkinson’s fervent desire to establish a commercial hub on the eastern side of this historic town took a giant leap towards reality when ground was broken for a $180 million project to construct a new state-of-the-art market last week.

According to Atkinson, shortly after that, work should get underway for the establishment of a commercial centre on a plot of land across the road from the site where the market will be constructed.

“We anticipate that across the road from where this market will be built, there will be some significant development of a commercial centre, to which much of the commerce that takes place in the tourist section of the town can be moved down here, together with business offices and the likes,” stated Atkinson, who is also the attorney general.

Among the factors cited by Atkinson which has prompted the need for the relocation of the current market facility from its Lower Parade Street location is that its closeness to the cruise shipping pier, which was opened in March 2011, is posing a major challenge to the police in the fight to arrest tourist harassment.

He explained that a survey revealed that cruise passengers who ventured off the cruise vessels stayed an average five minutes ashore before they head back to the ship.





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