Government has big plans for Trelawny Stadium

Sports Minister Babsy Grange, has revealed that the Government has “big plans” for the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium in Greenfield.

Minister Grange was speaking at the Jamaica Tallawahs’ official team brunch at the Melbourne Cricket Club on Thursday, August 24.

The plans appeared to be tentative and not yet finalized. Let’s take a look at the 3 main plans for the Trelawny stadium as outlined by Babsy Grange.


1. Offer for the Jamaica Tallawahs to Utilize the Facility

Minister Grange made the offer to the Jamaica Tallawahs for them to utilize the facility. This she did in her presentation at the official brunch. Tallawahs owner Jay Madhu raised his hand to express interest.


2. Cricket Academy

She announced that the Government plans to meet with the Planning Institute of Jamaica as early as next week, to discuss sources of funding for a cricket academy. This will result in the first phase of a planned expansion to the stadium.


3. Sports Tourism

The government is looking to expand the stadium to take advantage of sports tourism.


Improved Irrigation System

In May last year, we carried a story about the Government’s allocation of $57 million to upgrade the facility. One product of that is the improved irrigation system.

“We do not have to depend on the National Water Commission anymore for water. We have our own water,” Grange said.


Sri Lanka to Use Stadium For Warm-Up Matches

Grange emphasized that the stadium is still in good condition. She pointed to the fact that Sri Lanka will be using the stadium for their warm-up matches when they arrive later this year.


About the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium

The Trelawny Multi-purpose stadium was built at a cost of US$30 million to host the opening ceremony and war-up matches for the 2007 World Cup. Since then, it has rarely been utilized. Successive governments since 2007 have been struggling to find worthwhile use for the facility.

jonkanoo in Falmouth world cup cricket 2007

Jonkanoo in Falmouth for the World Cup 2007 celebration. The opening ceremony was held in the Trelawny Stadium.


Government Plans For Trelawny Stadium: The Struggle Continues

The struggle continues as government battles to try and make it a going concern. Speaking in 2008, Grange revealed the high cost of maintaining a facility that is not turning any income.

“That facility was costing $40 million annually to maintain, with no income. We have reduced that expenditure to about $12 million in maintenance. We have totally revised and changed the arrangements that were there, so it is not costing us much,” she informed. Source.

We wish them all the best and hope they will come up with a permanent solution to make the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium more than the white elephant that it is.




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