Sixty day amnestyAmnesty for Jamaican Motorists

Jamaican motorists are once again being given a free ride as the Government of Jamaica has announced an amnesty for motorists with outstanding fees for traffic offences.

Flawed System

Unfortunately, this shows up a flawed system. The system starts with Police who issue tickets for offences. Some fines are payable at the tax office and some offences go straight to court. If the ticket is not paid at the tax office by the time stipulated, a warrant is supposed to be issued for the offender and he is to be forcibly brought to court and fined/sentenced.

Despite this, thousands of tickets remain outstanding for years. Some motorists have hundreds of outstanding ticket and still drive daily. Every few years, an amnesty is granted for payment of the outstanding fees as the law enforcement system does not have the capability to deal with the volume of outstanding tickets. This will once again be the case, starting in July.

From the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) 

Beginning July 1, a 60-day amnesty will be granted to delinquent motorists to pay the fines on outstanding traffic tickets, without incurring a penalty or interest.

This was announced by Minister of National Security, Hon. Robert Montague, during his contribution to the 2017/18 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on April 26.

Additionally, he informed that the House will shortly be passing the new Road Traffic Act, which will modernise the sector and promote greater safety for all road users.


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