The government of Jamaica has set aside $57 Million to upgrade the Trelawny Multi Purpose Stadium. Yesterday, we revealed that the government had set aside 96.6 million to build a tax office in Falmouth.

The Trelawny Stadium at Greenfield near Falmouth, has been criticized for being a ‘white elephant’ due to its infrequent use.

That got worse over this year. The Jehovah’s Witnesses who have held their annual convention there for the last few years, did not use it this year. The Jazz and Blues Festival is usually held there in January. None was held this year. As such, it has come as a surprise that $57 million is being pumped into the stadium.

The money will be spent on the irrigation infrastructure. More specifically to:

  1. commence and complete the construction of water catchment tanks;
  2. commence and complete trenching and pipe laying;
  3. begin and finish construction of a pump house,
  4. install the pump
  5. and ensure the functionality of the system.

In September last year, the then Minister with Responsibility for Sports Natalie Neita-Headley, had said that the stadium would be renamed in honor of Usain Bolt. The current Minister of Sports who was the Opposition Spokesperson then, had encouraged the government to name the stadium after both Bolt and Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce.

There will also be a a $60 million enhancement project for the National Arena.



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