Gene Gray of Wadadah FC

Gene Gray has been the face of Western Jamaica football for almost 3 decades. The former manager of Wadadah football club, often called a football ‘one-man-band,’ died yesterday. He was battling illness that brought him in and out of hospital in his latter days.

Gene and Western Jamaica Football

Gene has been there through the rise and fall and re-birth of Western Jamaican football. The green and gold clad Wadadah FC was one of a trio of teams from Western Jamaica whose rivalries built up each other to the top of the national football championships. The others were Reno and Seba. The rivalry with Seba was a Montego Bay derby and was always one to watch.

Top Players

Through Gene’s hands from the late 1980’s came a host of household names and National representatives. These include The Rickets brothers: Donovan, Daniel and Devon, Durrant “Tatty” Brown, Stennet Samms, Winston Anglin, Mark Williams, Kirk Hendricks, Anthony Barnes, Oneil Eccleston, Loxley Reid and many more.

Gene Gray and Village United

For us here in Trelawny, Gene had a great relationship with former Village United manager, Jeoffery White. In the mid 2000’s, through Gene’s generosity, Village was able to get Wadadah players on loan to help bolster our team for the National Premier League. Then, Wadadah had fallen from the top and was playing in the lower league. These players included the late Winston ‘Twinny Bug’ Anglin, the late Mark Williams, Daniel ‘Cup Head’ Ricketts and Kirk Hendricks.


Through Gene’s leadership, Wadadah won several titles, the most important being 2 National Premier League titles.

R.I.P. Gene Gray

Football was Gene’s heart and soul. Falmouth News pays tribute to a football stalwart that has positively impacted the sport of football in Jamaica for almost 3 decades. R.I.P. Gene Gray.



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