fota presentation to clarks town primary

FOTA presentation to the Clark’s Town Primary School

The Friends of Trelawny Association (FOTA) has presented gifts of school kits to the Clark’s Town Primary School, the Clark’s Town library and the Wilson Run Primary School.

The Friends of Trelawny Association (FOTA) was formally established in 2001 as a non-profit corporation in the state of New York, dedicated to the development of Trelawny, Jamaica.

The organisation is best known for the annual Trelawny Reunion picnic held in New York state, the first of which took place in 1979. This picnic brings thousands of Trelawny people who reside all over the world into one location each year.

fota big bag kit

The organisation is also actively engaged in assisting persons and organisations in Trelawny parish. Their latest presentation consisted of big bag kits comprising a book bag, pencils, sharpener, crayons.

The presentations in Clark’s Town were made by Rose-Ann Green and Norman Goburn. The other presentation at Wilson Run Primary in South Trelawny was made by locally based Frances Brown (Inspector of the Poor) on behalf of the organisation.



  1. As Councillor for the Sherwood Division, we are eternally greatful for any gift that is given to our citizens. In particular the gift that was given of bags and contents to the Clarks Town Primary School. We thank you FOTA.


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