Friends of the Falmouth Hospital
Friends of Falmouth Hospital, from left: Mrs Florence Logan (Secretary), Mrs Winsome Harper (Director), Mrs Sheona Muschett (Chairperson).

The Friends of Falmouth Hospital is one of the oldest charities in the parish of Trelawny. They have voluntarily assisted the Trelawny health sector for over 40 years.

The current group is led by Mrs. Sheona Muschett (Chairperson), Winsome Harper (Director) and Mrs. Florence Logan (Secretary), Lily Hall (Treasurer).

The group has undertaken several projects, despite the low level of corporate sponsorship. Couples was the latest corporate entity to donate to the hospital through the work of the Friends of Falmouth Hospital. The hotel group donated 29 signs including those for the new operating theater.

To really appreciate the work of the group, we need to be aware of a few facts. The Falmouth Hospital was built way back in 1955. Since then, it has undergone refurbishing, but there has been no notable government expansion, except to the accident and emergency ward of the hospital. Falmouth has seen a population explosion in the past 6 years, as well as a highway (Falmouth Bypass). This places a toll on a hospital built for a 1955 population.

The Friends of Falmouth Hopsital have undertaken several projects, doing their part to keep the hospital at a high standard. They have raised funds and refurbished the maternity ward, including the bathroom and delivery room. They have donated a new obstetrics bed (valued at over US$8000). They have also setup a children’s library, erected a back gate, bought a sewing machine, furniture and more. Their signs project has so far erected 79 signs on the property, making it easier for everyone to find their destination.

Their current ambition is to reconstruct the nurses residence. For this, they are seeking the help of the public as well as corporate sponsors. They will be making an appeal the Usain Bolt Foundation to donate proceeds from their annual 5K Walk Run to the Friends of Falmouth Hospital charity. Last year (Heroes Day), the Usain Bolt Foundation donated proceeds to the Granville Place of Safety for Girls.

The work continues and the group will continue to do their part as they continue to support the hospital. Interested in donating to the charity? Contact Chairperson Sheona Muschett or Treasurer Lily Hall by calling +1876 399 2766 0r +1876 366 7549.

Falmouth News met the group at the recent donation for the first and second children born on Emancipation Day and Independence Day. The presentations were made by Michelle Green-Ford, who lives in Canada. Her annual charity missions are facilitated at the hospital by the Friends of Falmouth Hospital.

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